Definition of Antron in English:



  • A type of strong, light nylon fiber used chiefly in making carpets and upholstery.

    ‘One advantage of choosing a carpet made with Antron ® nylon fiber is that the fiber allows for a wider range of color choices, says Ryan.’
    • ‘To introduce the site - which offers 11 in-stock materials, including generic nylons, Cordura [R] nylons, Antron [R] nylons and microfiber activewear fabrics - 3,000 invitations were sent to Tapetex customers and potential customers.’
    • ‘Carpets of Antron ® are made exclusively with type 6,6 nylon.’
    • ‘Because carpets of Antron ® resist dirt better than other fibers, cleaning costs over the life of the carpet typically are significantly lower.’
    • ‘In those cases, carpets of Antron ® are cost-effective, as they continue to look and wear well, longer than carpets of other fiber systems.’



/ˈanˌträn/ /ˈænˌtrɑn/


1960s an invented name.