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  • In a manner resulting from or revealing anxiety.

    ‘they listened anxiously to the radio for more information’
    • ‘Meanwhile, he is wide awake, anxiously pacing about his garden.’
    • ‘Thereafter she always inquired anxiously about the health of her students.’
    • ‘He sits quietly, anxiously waiting for me to begin my questions.’
    • ‘I am anxiously awaiting the release of the next volume.’
    • ‘Anxiously searching for their own identity, adolescents wish to find their answer to the question, "Who am I?"’
    • ‘These letters reveal the eager young composer fretting anxiously over arrangements.’
    • ‘I had been anxiously awaiting this DVD for some time, based on TV spots I had seen.’
    • ‘A formless dread seems to be working anxiously within him.’
    • ‘We are anxiously awaiting the results from your studies as we continue to conduct our own.’
    • ‘Workers waited anxiously for news about whether they would have to forgo their paychecks.’



/ˈaNG(k)SHəslē/ /ˈæŋ(k)ʃəsli/