Definition of any amount of in English:

any amount of


  • A great deal or number of.

    ‘a good marriage can withstand any amount of external pressure’
    • ‘You cannot quite escape the war anywhere, resulting in reams of exasperation that cannot be dealt with by any amount of ranting.’
    • ‘But seriously, does any amount of soft or hard science help in this kind of discussion?’
    • ‘Little by little you will be renewed from within yourself and be able to withstand any amount of stress.’
    • ‘They are unfazed by any amount of death, destruction, loss, tragedy, travesty.’
    • ‘New Orleans gets any amount of rain and they have got a water problem.’
    • ‘Integrity is not something that can be bought with any amount of money.’
    • ‘There is just no reason that any amount of government money or ‘counseling’ will change this.’
    • ‘I don't think there is any amount of pressure that can be exerted from Australia that's going to make the difference.’
    • ‘It has lots of fun things for cheap, but it's a hassle to go there and spend any amount of time buying things for my survival.’