Definition of anymore in English:



(also any more)
usually with negative or in questions
  • To any further extent; any longer.

    ‘she refused to listen anymore’
    • ‘you don't get men like him anymore’
    • ‘Looking for a bargain, or trying to find an old disc that the big chains don't carry any more.’
    • ‘Back from school, I sat in my room, too weak and tired to do any more, so glad to rest.’
    • ‘After a few years, I could no longer fool myself that the drugs were working any more.’
    • ‘It is not as if the aristocracy exercises any power over the rest of us any more.’
    • ‘Back home you avoid each other in the street or pub and you don't call round at their house any more.’
    • ‘She used to be really good at athletics and always won things but she can't do that any more.’
    • ‘We weren't going to disturb the seabed any more at that point but we brought it up.’
    • ‘Outside of the missed free, he could not have done any more to win a Leinster title.’
    • ‘They told us that the building wasn't standing any more and we were in the centre of rubble.’
    • ‘I the world we live in today, every day we are faced with things that are just not good for us any more.’



/ˌenēˈmôr/ /ˌɛniˈmɔr/