Definition of anyone's game in English:

anyone's game


  • An evenly balanced contest.

    ‘it was still anyone's game at halftime’
    • ‘I think it is still anyone's game for the taking.’
    • ‘I think it could be anyone's game, especially with the pitch being like it is.’
    • ‘In the last five minutes, at 0-20 to 2-14, it was still anyone's game.’
    • ‘Three minutes remained and it was anyone's game.’
    • ‘Other candidates have come to the fore revealing that the party nomination is really anyone's game.’
    • ‘At the start of the second half it was anyone's game and there were good passing exchanges on both sides.’
    • ‘Although the trend toward inclusions and the current spike in coffee popularity is clear, it is anyone's game as to the next ‘must have’ innovative ice cream flavor.’
    • ‘Her analysis relies heavily on the misguided notion that it's all over when in fact, the Internet is still anyone's game.’
    • ‘With another 80 points up for grabs by the end of the year, it is still anyone's game between the top four cars.’
    • ‘Outside the top three, there is still the sense that it's anyone's game.’