Definition of anything but in English:

anything but

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  • Not at all (used for emphasis)

    ‘this grisly ending is anything but sentimental’
    • ‘Smoke free it may be, but the air in the average Irish public house is anything but clean.’
    • ‘Your reporter seems to think that this is a progressive and forward thinking club when it is anything but.’
    • ‘Such a fight Warren would be crazy to pass up, and he is anything but crazy.’
    • ‘Not in a sentimental sense, for a child is anything but that, but in a very factual way.’
    • ‘Yet behind the lace curtains and gentility, his upbringing was anything but ordinary.’
    • ‘Though after a few days of this for three meals a day I was starting to crave anything but.’
    • ‘When the sun comes up this view can be anything but uninspiring though, and this morning was a case in point.’
    • ‘It may have been a charity match but the boys in Green were going to be anything but a walkover.’
    • ‘The Military Commissions, on the other hand, he believes will be anything but fair.’
    • ‘The Fulford campaign proves that a community threatened is anything but apathetic.’