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  • 1Used to confirm or support a point or idea just mentioned.

    ‘I told you, it's all right, and anyway, it was my fault’
    • ‘it's too late now anyway’
    • ‘Oh well, entering the Masters Games was only a vague idea anyway.’
    • ‘That's the idea, anyway, but so far progress has been slow.’
    • ‘This is defeatist nonsense, not to mention entirely disingenuous, anyway.’
    • ‘Perhaps a change at the helm may not be a bad idea anyway.’
    • ‘The ward was clearly badly managed anyway - the idea of mixing genders in the alcoves made a lot of people very uncomfortable.’
    • ‘That was a pretty problematic idea anyway, considering that Glasgow has neither the climate nor the produce to sustain it.’
    • ‘So much so that he had perpetuated this lie, or the idea of it, anyway, for some time.’
    • ‘Having photos for babies in their passports is a stupid idea anyway.’
    • ‘I don't think he ever really believed much in me and my ideas, anyway.’
    • ‘Paying by credit card is probably not a great idea anyway, as your card provider will typically charge you a 1.5 per cent cash handling fee.’
    • ‘So, I have an alternative plan but it still involves some meditating, which is not all that bad an idea, anyway.’
    • ‘Many cities and towns have leash laws which require this, but it's a good idea anyway.’
    • ‘The question is academic anyway because, having threatened to involve his wife, I suspect that he will simply not risk seeing you again.’
    • ‘There might be an argument that they prevent fraud, but I don't know what it would be, and the Ohio case raises questions about that anyway.’
    • ‘There is really not enough information to answer your questions anyway.’
    • ‘He'd probably get it completely wrong, anyway, because the truth was that he knew nothing about her.’
    • ‘I think people naturally put too much focus on singers anyway.’
    • ‘I only remember half of that rule, and it's not the important part, anyway.’
    • ‘In small towns, where everyone knew everyone else, surnames were not particularly important anyway.’
    • ‘But the legal issue is not the most important argument anyway.’
    anyway, in any case, in any event, at any rate, at all events, no matter what, regardless
    1. 1.1Used in questions to emphasize the speaker's wish to obtain the truth.
      ‘What are you doing here, anyway?’
      • ‘When was a Leftist concerned about the truth anyway?’
      • ‘Liz gets angry at him and tells him that if he feels that way about the family, what difference would the truth make anyway?’
      • ‘And how, in the light of Saussure's account of language, could we be sure it was the truth, anyway?’
      • ‘Or, who is that entourage of questionable quirky characters anyway?’
      • ‘Why was she about to get into this conversation with David anyway?’
      • ‘Why has Britpop been so important in recent years anyway?’
      • ‘And what would they do that would be so important anyway?’
      • ‘My question is - without Prozac, would any depressed person be likely to produce significant amounts of serotonin anyway?’
  • 2Used to end a conversation, to change the subject, or to resume a subject after interruption.

    ‘Anyway, Dot, I must go’
    • ‘How she lives with him is beyond me. Anyway, I really like her’
    • ‘Right, I don't know if this is the right place for this question, but anyway…’
    1. 2.1Used to pass over less significant aspects of an account in order to focus on the most important points.
      ‘Poor John always enjoyed a drink. Anyway, he died last year.’
      • ‘The COO retorts that people need the benefits, and anyway, the important thing is paying down your debt.’
      • ‘But anyway, far more important than that, is that this new profile feature has led to the discovery of my perfect match.’
      • ‘And anyway, work was important and the world hated me, so there was no real problem with me studying and reading so much.’
      • ‘That's not important right now anyway; the most urgent thing is getting you to someplace safe.’
      • ‘I question that, but anyway… I will be sure to have a review up as soon as we get home.’
  • 3Used to indicate that something happened or will happen in spite of something else.

    ‘nobody invited Miss Honey to sit down so she sat down anyway’
    • ‘But if the talks drag on beyond next week, sources close to the group say it will probably press ahead with the announcement anyway.’
    • ‘But the university's administration may go ahead with the deal anyway.’
    • ‘We told them they would look foolish if they ran the story but they went ahead anyway.’
    • ‘She knew what she was doing, she knew the dangers, and went ahead anyway.’
    • ‘Most people will find out the truth about your departure anyway.’
    • ‘I don't know if I could have trusted someone so much - but I would have asked the questions anyway.’
    • ‘He still looked slightly shocked and uncomfortable at the news, but continued on with his questions anyway.’
    • ‘So, I'm going to ask the question anyway, and if it doesn't get answered, I'll just do it my way.’
    • ‘It was more of a quiet observation than a question but Marlo answered anyway.’
    • ‘My sense is that you're going to do this anyway, so the question is really what can you do to avoid the worst possible downside scenario.’
    • ‘Sighing, she made a wish on it anyway, knowing it was just as unlikely that it would come true.’
    • ‘The unions were scared they would be implicated in violence and lose public support, but marched anyway.’
    • ‘He did not hear them, because 95 percent of the submissions Maori made are opposed to the bill, but he is still supporting it anyway.’
    • ‘Brooke didn't figure he was talking to her, nor cared for her opinion on the subject, but she spoke up anyway.’
    • ‘Again, the Government will presumably pass this anyway come August if it doesn't get through in the next couple of weeks.’
    • ‘Bisenova had been vaccinated, but she came down with smallpox anyway, then passed it along to several other people.’
    • ‘The bill went nowhere in the Senate, and Congress was ultimately unable to pass the reauthorization anyway.’
    • ‘Some members of the ruling Liberal Party say they won't vote for the bills, but the bills are expected to pass anyway.’
    • ‘If that girl isn't open, fake the pass anyway, then throw the ball to either of the advancing sideline girls.’
    • ‘She hadn't believed in chain letters, but had passed them on anyway.’
    in spite of everything, in spite of that, nonetheless, even so, however, but, still, yet, though, be that as it may, for all that, despite everything, despite that, after everything, having said that, that said, just the same, all the same, at the same time, in any event, come what may, at any rate, notwithstanding, regardless, anyway, anyhow



/ˈenēˌwā/ /ˈɛniˌweɪ/