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informal, dialect North American
nonstandard form of anyway
‘you wouldn't understand all them long words anyways’
  • ‘He then realized that they gave no answer, but words did not matter to him anyways.’
  • ‘I'm not saying that I'm not going to do this anyways but it's just not as acceptable when you're old.’
  • ‘Long day ahead of me and yet i'm pulling the stupid night owl thing again anyways.’
  • ‘We have to take a transfer through New York anyways so I can take the plane with you.’
  • ‘He decided to get up anyways, better to get an early start then to risk having that dream again.’
  • ‘None of that was going to go on tonight, but I guess it was only right to humor my sister anyways.’
  • ‘Your friends will realize it soon that they could not have come with you, not yet anyways.’
  • ‘I didn't lock either one of the doors and there's no reason for me to have done it anyways.’
  • ‘Kyle was the only one who could make me smile or make me laugh, without me faking it, anyways.’
  • ‘You seem to hate her, anyways, so I don't get why you had to put her up here, of all places.’
  • ‘I didn't really mind sitting alone and lunch is almost like a study hall to me anyways.’
  • ‘Adam didn't seem to be listening, he had a dazed look on his face, but he nodded anyways.’
  • ‘He knew where the room was from earlier, but decided it was better to be polite and ask anyways.’
  • ‘He left his hat at home because he needed a good haircut, and he would have to take it off later anyways.’
  • ‘I thought that was kind of a weird thing to ask of me, but I shrugged and nodded anyways.’
  • ‘He's probably just going to go off to college somewhere and forget about me anyways.’
  • ‘It's not like any of the party-goers are going to be coming inside of my room anyways.’
  • ‘The two voices, a male and a female, were whispering but the mic picked them up anyways.’
  • ‘It will likely take him at least two or three years to get on the same page with the government on missile defense anyways.’
  • ‘The added weight of Nick weighed the boat down some, and it was hard to row anyways.’



/ˈenēˌwāz/ /ˈɛniˌweɪz/