Definition of anywhere near in English:

anywhere near

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with negative or in questions
  • 1with negative or in questions (used for emphasis) at all near.

    ‘I wouldn't dream of letting a surgeon anywhere near my eyes’
    • ‘Following their arrests both denied being anywhere near the scene.’
    • ‘If you have been anywhere near City Hall in the past two days there is no way to have missed the structure being erected.’
    • ‘It was to drive stainless-steel pipes down through the danger zone, and pick up the water before it got anywhere near it.’
    • ‘We can't mine anywhere near, nor discharge anything into salmon spawning streams.’
    • ‘If you live anywhere near an arterial or collector street, you've got an increasing problem.’
    • ‘Many of the Brits now visiting Spain don't go anywhere near a beach.’
    • ‘I have relegated my studying to the basement, because if I go anywhere near my room I will go to bed.’
    • ‘No one wants a tip or incinerator anywhere near them but will shout their heads off if they are asked to recycle or reduce what they throw away.’
    • ‘No shops, and no schools anywhere near, they are further up the road.’
    • ‘I had to leave home at 18 to go to uni as my parents didn't live anywhere near one.’
    • ‘In any case no-one would have dared to go anywhere near Princess Esther.’
    • ‘Cades Cove is a must see if you are anywhere near the Smoky Mountains on your vacation.’
    • ‘Most young couples can't afford to buy a block of land anywhere near the coast and build a house on it these days.’
    • ‘I didn't see it clearly but wherever the guy with the ball was going it wasn't anywhere near the goal.’
    • ‘People living in Anchor Road, Clacton, are fed up with not being able to park anywhere near their properties.’
    • ‘This is the National Theatre's touring production - if it plays anywhere near you, do not miss it.’
    • ‘People shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a computer unless they've rudimentary lessons in how to use one.’
    • ‘And now I don't live anywhere near this place that holds such importance for me.’
    • ‘I can just about put up with cats, if they don't come anywhere near me.’
    • ‘When he came home he was not allowed to be anywhere near my sister and me.’
    1. 1.1Remotely close to in extent, level, or scope.
      ‘imitations rarely look anywhere near as good as the real thing’
      • ‘In addition, exports have not performed anywhere near the levels the department was hoping for.’
      • ‘Stretched resources prevent police numbers getting anywhere near the levels residents would like.’
      • ‘There just isn't anywhere near the level of excitement when the Jets were around.’
      • ‘It's going to be difficult, but we didn't play anywhere near the level we can in the home leg.’
      • ‘To make matters worse, the line has not played anywhere near its level of the last two years.’
      • ‘Models and textures are adequate, but never get anywhere near a level of impressive detail.’
      • ‘I asked him, not that I thought Matt was anywhere near that close to being the perfect male specimen.’
      • ‘Neither parent is functioning at anywhere near the level that the foster mother does.’
      • ‘Gradually the lack of Northern Irish players performing at anywhere near a decent level is abating.’
      • ‘Two years on, the picture is shifting, but no one in Bradford is pretending the problems are anywhere near being solved.’
      • ‘If this is anywhere near the truth we have a very significant problem, and those nine young men who attacked London will not be the last.’
      • ‘I know that I don't know anywhere near enough about the violence I have talked about here.’
      • ‘Particularly if it is anywhere near as gorgeous tomorrow as it was today, as I'll wake up in the sun and bask.’
      • ‘He felt he would never reach anywhere near his father's histrionic abilities.’
      • ‘Firstly, on its own it doesn't go anywhere near solving Sligo's traffic problems.’
      • ‘They don't look anywhere near as interesting as the genuine article.’
      • ‘The Ticonderoga was navigated using the most advanced methods of the time but it wasn't anywhere near automated.’
      • ‘I have several potential job opportunities around at the moment, but none excited me anywhere near as much as this one.’
      • ‘I just got back from seeing it… its not the worst film… its not anywhere near the best.’
      • ‘Where buses will go is anyone's guess and by the look of things, it will be the spring before things are anywhere near back to normal.’