Definition of aortic in English:



  • Relating to the aorta, the main artery of the body.

    ‘the aortic valve’
    • ‘My 13-month-old son has been diagnosed with a double aortic arch.’
    • ‘The wireless sensor technology is used to monitor pressure within an aortic aneurysm.’
    • ‘Failure to exhibit an adequate blood pressure response was associated with increased aortic stiffness.’
    • ‘The plaintiff was born with severe aortic stenosis.’
    • ‘Treatment of an aortic dissection depends on the location of the primary tear.’
    • ‘An aortic hematoma occurs when blood collects in the wall of the aorta.’
    • ‘Studies suggest that beta blockers may slow down the rate of aortic dilation and help prevent the artery from splitting.’
    • ‘They face an increased possibility of aortic splitting during pregnancy.’
    • ‘The formation of a single branch involves the fusion of the two aortic stems and a shortening of the arch.’
    • ‘The thoracic aorta may give rise to a renal artery, which descends through the aortic hiatus.’



/āˈôrdik/ /eɪˈɔrdɪk/