Definition of apatosaur in English:


(also apatosaurus)

Pronunciation /əˈpatōsôr/ /əˈpætoʊsɔr/


  • A huge herbivorous dinosaur of the late Jurassic period, with a long neck and tail.

    Genus Apatosaurus (popularly Brontosaurus), infraorder Sauropoda, order Saurischia

    • ‘As Christians who reject evolutionary theory, the family scoffed at the park's dinosaur attractions, which date the apatosaurus, brachiosaurus and the like to prehistoric times.’
    • ‘He said continuing research into the species is important because of larger evolutionary questions, including their relationship to the much larger sauropod dinosaurs, including brachiousaurus and apatosaurus.’
    • ‘And one of the marvelous things God described to Job sounds very much like an apatosaurus.’


Modern Latin, from Greek apatē ‘deceit’ + sauros ‘lizard’.



/əˈpatōsôr/ /əˈpætoʊsɔr/