Definition of aperture priority in English:

aperture priority


  • An exposure system used in some automatic cameras in which the aperture is selected by the user and the appropriate shutter speed is controlled automatically.

    Compare with shutter priority

    ‘You can select automatic exposure or aperture priority, as well as auto or manual focus - a rare freedom among pocket cams.’
    • ‘I did the trail, then went out with the camera to take pictures of the Docklands buildings and practice switching between shutter priority and aperture priority so I could better understand the difference each setting made.’
    • ‘A control dial that is positioned to fall under the right index finger when using the camera can be pressed to select, say, aperture priority and turning the same dial adjusts the value to that required.’
    • ‘For a camera with only two selectable apertures it's hardly any hardship to do away with aperture priority.’
    • ‘But you can use aperture priority as well as manual exposure, and manually focus the lens.’


aperture priority

/ˈapərˌCHər/ /ˈæpərˌtʃər/ /ˈapərˌCHo͝or prīˈôrədē/ /ˈæpərˌtʃʊr praɪˈɔrədi/