Definition of apheresis in English:



(also aphaeresis)
  • 1Linguistics
    The loss of a sound or sounds at the beginning of a word, e.g., in the derivation of adder from nadder.

    ‘In some words initial e has been lost by aphaeresis: squire from esquire, sample from example, state from estate.’
    • ‘When the indefinite article was being restored to its separate existence, the word ‘atomy’ was falsely coined from ‘anatomy’ through aphaeresis, by the removal of the supposed indefinite article.’
    leaving out, exclusion, exception, non-inclusion, deletion, erasure, cut, excision, elimination, absence
  • 2Medicine
    The removal of blood plasma from the body by the withdrawal of blood, its separation into plasma and cells, and the reintroduction of the cells, used especially to remove antibodies in treating autoimmune diseases.

    ‘Another method used for separating out some of the components of blood consists of a technique known as apheresis.’
    • ‘Removing blood stem cells from your blood during apheresis doesn't hurt.’
    • ‘Platelets collected by apheresis were counted as single units.’
    • ‘Since most of the patients are not eligible for allogenic transplantation, autologous bone marrow or more increasingly mobilized peripheric blood stem cells obtained by apheresis are used for grafting.’
    • ‘Now, Becky donates just platelets and plasma via a process called apheresis.’



/əˈferəsəs/ /əˈfɛrəsəs/


Mid 16th century via late Latin from Greek aphairesis, from aphairein ‘take away’, from apo ‘from’ + hairein ‘take’.