Definition of aphetically in English:


Pronunciation /əˈfetik(ə)lē/



See aphesis

‘Finally, some with the name Lease or Lees are descended from Scots with the surname Gillies, where the first part of the name has been lost through aphesis, when a short beginning syllable is dropped through lazy pronunciation, as in squire, derived aphetically from esquire.’
  • ‘Since cute derives aphetically, as the OED informs us, from acute, cuteness's etymology strikingly replicates the diminutive logic of the aesthetic it has come to name, since in aphaeresis words lose their initial unstressed syllables to generate shorter versions of themselves: lone derives from alone, til from until.’
  • ‘The transmission to Europe though may have been through Arabic ‘naranj’ (Pers. ‘narang’) which was used as ‘a norange’ in English and later hyper-corrected aphetically to ‘an orange’ (the original form survives in the Spanish ‘naranja’).’