Definition of aphicide in English:



  • An insecticide used against aphids.

    ‘Check for aphids and spray if 50 pc of ears are infested; use a selective aphicide such as Pirimicarb.’
    • ‘Of all the pesticides I used for crop spraying the ones that affected me most were the aphicides which contained demeton-s-methyl, and in particular Metasystox.’
    • ‘A foliar spray of a systemic or contact aphicide can be used to control aphids if the population exceeds the threshold.’
    • ‘Fertilizer, herbicide, aphicide, and fungicide (for control of late blight) applications were standard for a ware crop in southeast Scotland.’



/ˈāfəˌsīd/ /ˈeɪfəˌsaɪd/ /ˈafəˌsīd/ /ˈæfəˌsaɪd/