Definition of aphis in English:


nounplural noun aphides/ˈāfiˌdēz/ /ˈafi-/

  • An aphid, especially one of the genus Aphis.

    ‘The leaf-hopper can be disposed of in the same fashion as the aphides and slugs above mentioned.’
    • ‘In passing under a tree infested with aphides the drops can be felt like a fine rain.’
    • ‘Various parasites such as lice, ticks, mites, aphides and chiggers attack untreated and unprotected animals and plants.’
    • ‘The mulching of plants with these films prevents virus degeneration of the plants by virus-carrying aphides, and the mulching of the soil limits the increase of soil temperature in warm environments.’
    • ‘To get rid of aphides apply a spray of some kind; an insecticide or an all purpose spray which contains a fungicide will do the trick and will also help to control diseases such as black spot and mildew.’



/ˈāfis/ /ˈeɪfɪs/ /ˈafis/ /ˈæfɪs/


Late 18th century modern Latin, from Greek, perhaps a misreading of koris ‘bug’ (interpreting the characters κορ ‘kor’ as αφ ‘aph’).