Definition of aphoristically in English:



See aphorism

‘‘In a field like entertainment,’ he says aphoristically, ‘appearance - and a subset of appearance is race - keeps coming up.’’
  • ‘He did not write aphoristically, but his writing combined brilliant clarity with some of the properties of aphorism: vivid wit, terse enigmatic utterance, decoding left to the reader.’
  • ‘Poetry can suddenly, almost aphoristically, define what the mood of the time is.’
  • ‘As W.J.T. Mitchell once aphoristically put it, ‘When the tigers break into the temple and profane the altar too regularly, their appearance rapidly becomes part of the sacred ritual.’’
  • ‘Chapter 1 reflected aphoristically on the textual condition of medieval literatures: their status in the manuscript and the technologies of reproduction that made them so enigmatic to modern scholars.’



/ˌafəˈristik(ə)lē/ /ˌæfəˈrɪstɪk(ə)li/