Definition of Apicomplexa in English:


proper noun

another term for Sporozoa
‘Current thinking in the phylogeny of protists places the dinoflagellates in the Alveolates, along with the Apicomplexa, Ciliata, and Foraminifera.’
  • ‘Two other phyla thought to be closely related to dinoflagellates are the Ciliophora and the Apicomplexa.’
  • ‘A final group of Alveolates are the Apicomplexa, a group of parasitic and disease-causing protists.’
  • ‘Similarly, all genera have some sort of anterior conoid like structure associated with predation or intracellular insertion in the Apicomplexa.’
  • ‘The phylum Apicomplexa encompasses a large number of intracellular protozoan parasites, including the causative agents of malaria, toxoplasmosis, and many other human and animal diseases.’



/ˌāpəkəmˈpleksə/ /ˌeɪpəkəmˈplɛksə/