Definition of aplasia in English:



  • The failure of an organ or tissue to develop or to function normally.

    ‘At the time of aplasia, the child with sickle cell disease is highly contagious.’
    • ‘Because this disease is virtually always fatal due to the profound bone marrow aplasia, management is not well defined and is rarely successful.’
    • ‘Transplants of stem cells from either the same person or another person are used to repopulate and regenerate the bone marrow, ‘rescuing’ the patient from aplasia.’
    • ‘Patients undergoing such treatment are at high risk for bone marrow aplasia.’
    • ‘Further tests, including a bone marrow sample for leukaemia, failed to confirm a diagnosis but the illness was linked to a rare from of pure red blood cell aplasia.’



/əˈplāZHēə/ /əˈpleɪʒiə/


Late 19th century from a-‘without’ + Greek plasis ‘formation’.