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  • Self-confidence or assurance, especially when in a demanding situation.

    ‘Diana passed the test with aplomb’
    • ‘The Laois girls captured the honours with some degree of aplomb and assurance.’
    • ‘He went on converting everything, most of them from the most difficult angles with a nerve and aplomb which was simply icy.’
    • ‘He converted the penalty with aplomb to settle his nerves and give the home side the start they wanted.’
    • ‘Oozing confidence and poise, the young models walked the ramp with admirable aplomb, in step with music.’
    • ‘The ensemble cast is bold and enthusiastic, and carries off the accents required of the script with great aplomb.’
    • ‘He handles the adult characters with equal aplomb, perfectly capturing their ignorance at what their children get up to.’
    • ‘The English are here and they have announced their arrival in the Portuguese capital with typically jingoistic aplomb.’
    • ‘Plus, I think I could carry off navy and luminous yellow with aplomb.’
    • ‘They are sauteing garlic and onion and chopping tomatoes and chillies with aplomb that would shame a sous-chef in Bombay.’
    • ‘It does need, rather urgently, actors who can pull off action, romance and comedy with equal aplomb.’
    • ‘It is a film that attempts to succeed on two different levels, and manages it with aplomb on both.’
    • ‘Wherever required, women salespersons are executing their tasks with aplomb.’
    • ‘Once you get it moving on a motorway, though, it buzzes along with aplomb.’
    • ‘The striker, making his debut, put the spot kick away with aplomb.’
    • ‘He had his lines worked out in advance and he delivered them with aplomb to each and every microphone shoved his way.’
    • ‘The film, however, is a celebration of marching through all these obstacles with aplomb.’
    • ‘She handles suspicious cops, docile family lawyers and an ex - army pal of her husband with aplomb.’
    • ‘Despite the heartache James must be feeling, he's still dancing with aplomb.’
    • ‘My girls looked a picture as flower girls and performed their roles with aplomb.’
    • ‘Everything else the press could throw at her was batted back with aplomb.’
    poise, self-assurance, assurance, self-possession, self-confidence, calmness, composure, collectedness, presence of mind, level-headedness, sangfroid, equilibrium, equanimity, nerve, nonchalance
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/əˈpläm/ /əˈplɑm/ /əˈpləm/


Late 18th century (in the sense ‘perpendicularity, steadiness’): from French, from à plomb ‘according to a plumb line’.