Definition of apology tour in English:

apology tour


  • A series of speeches, interviews, or other public appearances by a politician or other well-known figure, characterized as an expedient opportunity to express regret for a mistake or wrongdoing.

    ‘he went on the worldwide apology tour beginning with a speech in Cairo’
    • ‘he remains out of work, now embarking on an apology tour as he tries to get back into the NFL’
    • ‘Public figures caught out for bad behavior usually follow the predictable step of a public apology tour.’
    • ‘He has made it clear this is not an apology tour, that it's simply his story.’
    • ‘The presentation was apparently the first stop of an apology tour for the software company.’
    • ‘She's kind of on an apology tour, and I wish her well for that because she's a lovely woman and she's really fun to work with.’
    • ‘Apology tours are unpopular, but after eleven years of unsatisfactory results, so are wars.’