Definition of apomict in English:



  • A plant which reproduces by apomixis.

    ‘Gametophytic apomicts differ from sexually reproducing plants in that they produce unreduced embryo sacs.’
    • ‘Because of its mode of reproduction and unusually large nuclear genome, it is speculated that its success as a weed could be attributed, in part, to its behaviour as an autopolyploid apomict.’
    • ‘Progeny tests employing molecular markers allow the identification of individuals originated by sexual means among the offspring of a facultative apomict.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, no cultivated crop displays a sufficient degree of apomixis for practical application, and only a few crop plants have wild relatives that are near-obligate apomicts.’
    • ‘Using two highly variable microsatellites (heterozygosity H = 0.615-0.616), we show that this species is an apomict with rare sexual reproduction events that account for 0.5% of seeds pollinated in the wild.’



/ˈapəˌmikt/ /ˈæpəˌmɪkt/