Definition of apoprotein in English:



  • A protein which together with a prosthetic group forms a particular biochemical molecule such as a hormone or enzyme.

    ‘As discussed previously, the phthalocyanine interacts with either the phospholipids or the apoprotein moiety of LDL, and therefore, the radicals are likely to be mainly produced at the lipid-water interface.’
    • ‘Contamination of the apoprotein by myoglobin was assessed spectrophotometrically.’
    • ‘Acid hydrolases of the lysosomes degrade the apoproteins and release free fatty acids and cholesterol.’
    • ‘In mammalian peroxidases, the prosthetic group is deeply buried inside the bulk of the protein and is covalently linked to the apoprotein through ester bonds.’
    • ‘During pigment binding the apoprotein folds properly and acts at that location, while folding or after folding, as a template for the assembly of other apoproteins.’



/ˈapōprōtēn/ /ˈæpoʊproʊtin/