Definition of apotheosize in English:


(British apotheosise)

Pronunciation /əˈpäTHēəsīz/ /əˈpɑθiəsaɪz/ /ˌapəˈTHēəˌsīz/ /ˌæpəˈθiəˌsaɪz/

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transitive verb

[with object]
  • Elevate to, or as if to, the rank of a god; idolize.

    ‘we had the feeling that Roosevelt had not so much died as been apotheosized’
    • ‘The completion of these labors guaranteed his immortality; he was apotheosized at the time of his death and is the only mortal to be honored in this fashion.’
    • ‘Whether they are to be apotheosized as ‘emerging democracies’ or demonized as ‘rogue states’ depends, in the final analysis, on where they fit in the unfolding strategic plans of world imperialism.’’
    • ‘While in the gay male culture, youth and beauty are apotheosized (granted, to an extreme), in the ‘lesbian community’ they are often resented and denigrated.’
    • ‘But his ingenuous one-world sentiments are apotheosized into truth by the strength of his melodic gifts (which haven't failed him yet) and a voice that's still sweet and grainy when it needs to be.’
    • ‘Instead of being apotheosized, it must be desecrated.’
    • ‘On the one hand, the dead men are apotheosized and made into martyrs for a great cause, as part of an ongoing effort to whip up enthusiasm for the war within the public.’
    • ‘The conflicts of the time have been forgotten as this embittered old man has been apotheosised into an elder statesman.’
    • ‘Aesthetically, unselfconsciousness has often apotheosized eros - the effortless pubescent grace of the Athenian youth ignited the pederastic swoon of seemingly all Greek thought.’
    ennoble, exalt, elevate, lift up, add dignity to, dignify, add lustre to, add distinction to, enhance, increase, augment, promote, boost