Definition of apotropaically in English:


Pronunciation /-ik(ə)lē/


See apotropaic

‘The griffins at the ends of the sarcophagus are mythical monsters that preside apotropaically as guardians over the deceased.’
  • ‘An amulet shaped like a turtle, a creature of darkness, took the form of the very entity its wearer wished to avoid and thus acted apotropaically.’
  • ‘Amulets of flies appear from the earliest Dynasties, worn either apotropaically, to ward off the attentions of the insect by its amuletic image, or to endow its wearer by sympathetic magic with the insect's fertility since flies are remarkable for the huge numbers in which they breed.’
  • ‘The puppy could also be used apotropaically, as in the Ritual of Huwarlu, in which a puppy is left in the bedchamber of the king and queen overnight to protect them from evil while at the same time a figurine of a puppy is set on the door bolt to make sure that the evil does not return through the door.’
  • ‘In the linguistic world of the ancient Greeks, it was often applied apotropaically, in other words with full awareness that the subject in reality embodied the exact opposite of the stated meaning, in this case ‘good’.’