Definition of appendicular in English:


Pronunciation /ˌapənˈdikyələr/ /ˌæpənˈdɪkjələr/


  • 1technical Relating to or denoting an appendage or appendages.

    ‘The axial elements were the least variable, the most proximal appendicular elements were in the middle range, and the more distal appendicular elements were the most variable.’
    • ‘The appendicular elements are robustly constructed.’
    1. 1.1Anatomy Relating to a limb or limbs.
      ‘the appendicular skeleton’
      • ‘The somatic layer of the lateral plate gives rise to the appendicular skeleton and the connective tissue of the limbs and body wall.’
      • ‘The limbs and appendicular musculature of tetrapods are a further elaboration of the non-axial musculature.’
      • ‘Scutes over the limbs are termed appendicular scutes, and scutes forming the ventral portion of the carapace are referred to as ventral scutes.’
      • ‘The appendicular skeleton is also dependent on the stability of the axial skeleton, upon which it operates.’
      • ‘Since muscle mass is appendicular, it seems reasonable to propose that the addition of a calf or upper leg girth would have strengthened the prediction equation.’


Mid 17th century from Latin appendicula ‘small appendage’, diminutive of appendix, + -ar.