Definition of apple-pie order in English:

apple-pie order


  • Perfect order or neatness.

    ‘everything was in apple-pie order’
    • ‘She had her semantics in apple-pie order, and emerged if not unsoiled, then at least unbloodied.’
    • ‘And each evening, just before retiring, he is likewise compelled ‘to arrange his materials for work’ the next morning ‘in apple-pie order upon a commodious table’ across from his bed.’
    • ‘Whether or not you use an accountant or bookkeeper to help you with your accounts and tax, you must keep all your business records in apple-pie order.’
    • ‘This handy utility will sort out the musical collection of any size, quickly reorganizing folders and renaming files on your hard drive, making an apple-pie order.’
    • ‘It has decided to put a break, for the time being, on extending the territory of Mysore by developing new layouts and, instead, planned to put Mysore in apple-pie order by upgrading the infrastructure in the coming year.’
    • ‘After settling everything in apple-pie order in a mad hurry, they wait for hours for the colonel to make his appearance and see if the buttons are polished.’
    • ‘You can not tolerate the habit of messing up things and wish to have everything in apple-pie order.’
    • ‘As for the work of inspecting the hotels – after the first stop it was strictly routine, for the proprietor of the first hotel we stopped at invariably warned the owner of the hotel in the next village that we were coming and of course Grandpa would find everything in apple pie order.’
    tidiness, neatness, orderliness, trimness, harmony, apple-pie order


apple-pie order

/ˌapəl ˌpī ˈôrdər/ /ˌæpəl ˌpaɪ ˈɔrdər/