Definition of application programming interface in English:

application programming interface


(also API)
  • A system of tools and resources in an operating system, enabling developers to create software applications.

    ‘The OS by definition must include an application programming interface, and hardware interfaces in the form of device drivers.’
    • ‘If we think of a Web URL as a really simple interface for requesting information - a simple application programming interface - then a Web feed is one of the simplest responses we can receive.’
    • ‘The service layer may have an application programming interface that permits many applications to have access to the database.’
    • ‘Access to the physical stores can take place through the logical store with a single call to an appropriate application programming interface.’
    • ‘Other systems take advantage of application programming interfaces, which enable software to interact via a standard set of operations and commands.’


application programming interface

/ˌapləˈkāSHən ˈprōˌɡramiNG ˌin(t)ərˌfās/ /ˌæpləˈkeɪʃən ˈproʊˌɡræmɪŋ ˌɪn(t)ərˌfeɪs/