Definition of appoggiatura in English:


nounplural noun appoggiaturas, plural noun appoggiature/-ˈto͝orā/

  • A grace note performed before a note of the melody and falling on the beat.

    ‘For example, if the appoggiatura is written as an eighth-note, then the appoggiatura should take an eighth-note value from the main note.’
    • ‘In his effort to successfully attain variation of material, as well as timbre imitation, he employs a wide variety of ornaments such as mordents, trills, broken chords and appoggiaturas.’
    • ‘Later developments included the adoption of standard signs for such frequently used ornaments as appoggiaturas, mordents, slides, trills, or turns.’
    • ‘The chromaticised appoggiaturas in the melismata iron out the bitonality of the creaky accompaniment into Phrygian E minor, as the final stanza returns from recollection to the table here and now.’
    • ‘Her appoggiaturas and tuning are excellent, though the vocal assurance is not always quite there.’



/əˌpäjəˈto͝orə/ /əˌpɑdʒəˈtʊrə/


Italian, from appoggiare ‘lean upon, rest’.