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  • Apt in the circumstances or in relation to something.

    ‘an apposite quotation’
    • ‘the observations are apposite to the discussion’
    • ‘In few areas of life, I suggest, is this warning more apposite than in relation to writing and publishing.’
    • ‘The comments I earlier made concerning the biography of the subject ladder are equally apposite the present circumstances.’
    • ‘Such considerations are particularly apposite in relation to Glastonbury.’
    • ‘It is quite apparent that this is not an apposite circumstance in which mandatory relief ought to be granted.’
    • ‘What could be more apposite, more relevant to our predicament as a nation, today?’
    • ‘There are plenty of apposite biblical quotations, and a series of questions by way of recapitulation and meditation at the end of each chapter.’
    • ‘Another example of the apposite quotation comes from our Dutch observer of nineteenth-century Mecca.’
    • ‘If this does come about, the ensuing paralysis will surely be an apposite commentary on the unhappy state of affairs we have reached where no party seems to deserve to govern us.’
    • ‘The graphics too are both simple and apposite, although some of the attractive backgrounds can occasionally distract from the levels themselves.’
    • ‘It couldn't have come at a more apposite moment.’
    • ‘It's a good sentiment, and apposite, but only when you operate close to the true meaning of the word ‘unite.’’
    • ‘Question all the buzzwords and you will find that ‘buzz’ is the apposite one - a long low humming which conveys no meaning.’
    • ‘Two years later, the comparison still seems apposite.’
    • ‘Although not what the musicians intended, the dirge provided a wholly apposite soundtrack for a truly lamentable second half performance.’
    • ‘There may have been an apposite cover-photo, I may have read the volume, but can now recall only the title's phrase.’
    • ‘All this makes him an apposite starting point for those on the far right in search of intellectual sugarcoating.’
    • ‘Throwing him to the lions might have been more apposite.’
    • ‘It is an apposite example, without being the most obvious.’
    • ‘There is some chant, popular among small children, about inflammable trouserings, which seems apposite at this point.’
    • ‘There are gorgeous backing vocals and the usual apposite soundbites.’
    appropriate, suitable, fitting, apt, befitting
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/ˈapəzət/ /ˈæpəzət/


Late 16th century from Latin appositus, past participle of apponere ‘apply’, from ad- ‘towards’ + ponere ‘put’.