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  • 1An act of assessing something or someone.

    ‘the report has been subject to appraisal’
    • ‘treatment begins with a thorough appraisal of the patient's condition’
    • ‘First, because individuals' emotional and health behavior responses to health threats are influenced to a large degree by their subjective interpretations, these appraisals must be assessed.’
    • ‘The village of Dounby has become the preferred site for Orkney's new old folk's home, being placed at the top of the list of possible sites in Orkney subject to a project appraisal.’
    • ‘The last section of the appraisal assesses company demographics.’
    • ‘The appraisal begins by assessing the respondents awareness of health promotion.’
    • ‘General factors also included several items representing patients' subjective appraisals of pain control, the adequacy of sleep/rest, and level of anxiety.’
    • ‘Furthermore, we assessed mothers' appraisals subsequent to the interactions in which ratings of overreactivity were made.’
    • ‘Applications received are subject to a detailed appraisal before the Commission makes a decision.’
    • ‘Under the new plan in Scotland, hospital medical directors would be shown the figures during surgeons' annual appraisals, but patients would have no rights to inspect them.’
    • ‘A positive appraisal would confirm the view that interest rates have indeed finally turned and that the deflation threat is over.’
    • ‘Initially, the physician should do a health-risk appraisal of each patient.’
    • ‘The most important aspect of treating oesophageal pain is a sympathetic appraisal of patients' problems.’
    • ‘The current legal provision that privatisation appraisals of foreign-trade companies are subject to approval by the finance minister will be revoked.’
    • ‘At the end of each year, the job performances of the Internet commentators will be evaluated for the annual appraisals and feedback.’
    • ‘As these types of questions aren't even entertained in the current environment, a cool appraisal of the evidence has proved elusive.’
    • ‘An environmental appraisal will be carried out for all the routes.’
    • ‘While appraisals normally assess the role of a single intervention, a clinical guideline covers the whole range of the management of patients with specific diseases.’
    • ‘Ministers following public consultation will take final decisions based on the factual appraisal and views expressed by interested parties.’
    • ‘Many have recognized the importance of energy in an appraisal but say they lack the necessary tools and comparisons to verify their calculations.’
    • ‘Like all traditional appraisals, these appraisals characterize weapons and military equipment during the stages predating the object's existence.’
    • ‘When exposed to parental conflict, adolescents make cognitive appraisals, evaluating the threat of the conflict and attributing blame.’
    assessment, evaluation, estimation, judgement, rating, gauging, sizing up, summing-up, consideration
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    1. 1.1An expert estimate of the value of something.
      ‘the final figure is just a little more than triple the appraisal’
      • ‘Buyers and sellers trying to set values after the sale usually use property tax appraisals to help estimate values.’
      • ‘A private company obtains stock value by appraisal.’
      • ‘Perhaps the best thing about a book value appraisal is that it's so simple.’
      • ‘Faced with a two year old appraisal the banks I have dealt with in my practice would require an updated or new appraisal to estimate current market value.’
      • ‘While the programme's editors, who had seen the report, were prevented from quoting from it for legal reasons, they submitted it to an independent expert for appraisal.’
      • ‘An appraisal is an estimate of a homeowner's property value.’
      • ‘However, he produced no documentation, appraisals or expert evidence on dairy and beef cow values.’
      • ‘Often, these initial estimates give way to revised values based on appraisals or other investigation.’
      • ‘By the time these trusts are funded, several years could have passed since the first spouse's death, and the appraisals and values used at date-of-death, or the alternative valuation date, are no longer current.’
      • ‘In one example, there are now ‘thresholds’ of value below which appraisals are not required at all, or which may be conducted by appraisers who have demonstrated the lowest levels of competency.’
      • ‘The media were awash with analytical reports, profiles, diagrams, forecasts, calculations and expert appraisals.’
      • ‘That innovation is not the last word in achievement is a fact often overlooked in appraisals of value.’
      • ‘But the facility recently received an independent appraisal pegging its value at $18 million.’
      • ‘Also, the dealer has no emotional ties to the airplane and, because of that, will give you a much more realistic appraisal of the aircraft's real value.’
      • ‘Based on his appraisal the value of the security has been adjusted to $665,000.’
      • ‘The parties have obtained an up to date appraisal and have agreed that the current value is $287, 000.00.’
      • ‘Its owner, who probably did not expect such a brouhaha over the gem, took it out for appraisal and it was subsequently publicized.’
      • ‘Inevitably that appraisal would have included a best estimate at the time of likely construction cost, together with costs of site acquisition and professional fees.’
      • ‘There is no evidence, appraisal or otherwise, to satisfy me that the value ascribed to the property in the transfer was other than by fair market value.’
      • ‘Although an appraisal can be subjective, it is based on comparative home prices in the geographic area.’



/əˈprāz(ə)l/ /əˈpreɪz(ə)l/