Definition of approachability in English:



See approachable

‘I love the feel of it, its smell, its friendliness and approachability, its ease-of-use and flexibility.’
  • ‘A direct mail piece or newsletter featuring the smiling faces of your employees emphasizes approachability and friendliness, thereby enhancing your company image and inviting customer trust.’
  • ‘In medical design, approachability, intuitiveness, ease of use, and strategic value are the most critical aspects, he explained.’
  • ‘His many parables, his wisdom, his humor and his approachability make his message accessible to both the scholar and the man on the street.’
  • ‘In fact, she is the very image of the modesty and approachability which so often characterise people who make their living on the Scottish stage.’



/əˌprōCHəˈbilədē/ /əˌproʊtʃəˈbɪlədi/