Definition of appropriacy in English:



mass noun
  • 1The extent to which something is suitable or proper in the circumstances.

    ‘the appropriacy of the methodology employed’
    • ‘A sense of appropriacy is crucial, that choices have been made or must be made that take into account situation, occasion, subject matter, and audience.’
    • ‘A performance must appear to be addressed to and for the benefit of the listener alone and not to the idea of formal appropriacy in itself.’
    • ‘The wild beasts understand the fullness of life beyond all considerations of decency or appropriacy.’
    • ‘I hope anyone planning to arrange a funeral does so with a degree of taste and appropriacy.’
    • ‘When we decide what clothes to put on, our choice is determined by our sense of appropriacy.’
    suitability, appropriateness, appropriacy, relevance, fitness, felicity, congruity, applicability, pertinence, judiciousness, appositeness, becomingness
    1. 1.1Linguistics The extent to which a word, phrase, or grammatical pattern is correct or suitable for a particular context or social situation.
      ‘don't concentrate on grammar at the expense of organization and appropriacy’
      • ‘A number of analyses can be made of students' progress in the development of both lexical diversity and sophistication, and grammatical accuracy and appropriacy.’
      • ‘Focus on correctness and appropriacy in conversation’
      • ‘If a sentence is uttered as a boast, then one of the appropriacy conditions will be that the speaker believes that the utterance of his sentence will place him in some advantage over his hearer.’
      • ‘The search for structural divisions in texts should be seen as a search for cognitive boundaries in terms of convention, appropriacy, and content rather than as a search for linguistically defined boundaries.’
      • ‘An error of appropriacy may have more negative results than grammatical errors.’