Definition of apropos of nothing in English:

apropos of nothing


  • Having no relevance to any previous discussion or situation.

    ‘Isabel kept smiling apropos of nothing’
    • ‘Next morning, the Blonde said, apropos of nothing: ‘You know, I really hated that restaurant last night.’’
    • ‘Every so often, apropos of nothing except maybe the sudden recollection of why they forked out £15 for a ticket in the first place, they will turn round to face the stage, fling an arm in the air and shout ‘Whoo!’’
    • ‘While I was still wondering what all of this really meant Bea started telling me, apropos of nothing, something else I've heard about many times; about the breakdown her mother, your grandmother, suffered when Bea was ten years old.’
    • ‘More often than not, in the face of some palpable stupidity spewed by a soused rum-shop conservative, Charlie would proffer a question of his own, usually apropos of nothing; in effect, a diversion.’
    • ‘Then, apropos of nothing, she mentioned that her husband couldn't get a job, ‘because it's hard for someone his age.’’
    • ‘As we walk he says to me, apropos of nothing: ‘I love this city.’’
    • ‘Earlier I was talking with one of the salespeople in the store who told me, apropos of nothing, that I reminded of her of two people, neither of whom she knows.’
    • ‘‘It doesn't even have to be men that you know,’ Steve says, apropos of nothing.’
    • ‘And inspiration deserts us to the extent that we resort to the lazy journalist's technique of the dreaded self-referencing paragraph apropos of nothing.’
    • ‘Someone said to me in passing, apropos of nothing, over lunch in the Ivy: ‘Hey, why don't you go to the worst place in the world?’’
    • ‘Sometimes, occasionally, apropos of nothing, I stop dead in my tracks for a moment and think about the exceptional people I am fortunate enough to call friends.’
    • ‘But it's completely absurd to call me up and demand, apropos of nothing at all, to know whether I'm special or not.’
    • ‘Fortunately I'd backed up the whole site yesterday morning, apropos of nothing, so I was able to restore everything but yesterday's entry.’
    • ‘So, many thanks to a wonderful friend of mine (who would prefer to remain anonymous) for buying me these two CDs, apropos of nothing.’
    • ‘There is something that happens when you lose a loved one where sometimes the sadness just crashes into you apropos of nothing.’
    • ‘Today, apropos of nothing, Doug announced that he likes music, particularly classic rock.’
    • ‘I bet your city of residence doesn't throw itself a two week-long party apropos of nothing.’
    • ‘‘So you like to watch the women, boy,’ the old man said apropos of nothing because there were no women in sight.’
    • ‘Even historical advantagism aside, this may be nauseating were it not alternated with questions asked apropos of nothing like, ‘Do you have a mistress?’’
    • ‘And in arguing this, does he not more or less prove that he doesn't care what his ideas can be exchanged for, that he's really supplied the brief chapter, apropos of nothing, as a useful toy for readers to play with?’
    irrelevantly, arbitrarily, at random, for no reason, illogically
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