Definition of apsara in English:


nounplural noun apsaras, plural noun apsarases/-rəsiz/

(also apsaras)
  • (in Hindu mythology) a celestial nymph, typically the consort of a gandharva or heavenly musician.

    ‘This, again, is where the kanya is distinct from the apsara, the heavenly hetaerae to whom the maternal instinct is foreign.’
    • ‘Others say the apsarases were true ancient Hindu characters that emanated from the foam of the churning sea of milk, and that they emerged for the purpose of dancing and encouraging the gods in their churning.’
    • ‘They are apsaras, celestial beings who live in the sky, while our dull, ant-like forms struggle below.’
    • ‘The ability to witness the pastimes between the demigods and the celestial girls called apsaras.’
    • ‘Today in Cambodia there is still a classical Khmer dance form based on the apsarases, often referred to as ‘Apsara’ dancing.’



/ˈäpsərä/ /ˈɑpsərɑ/


From Hindi apsarā, from Sanskrit apsarās.