Definition of apsidal in English:



  • 1Architecture
    In the form of or resembling an apse.

    ‘The apsidal hall has a small tower over its end to give the appearance of height.’
    • ‘He also rounded the projecting east wing, giving it an apsidal configuration.’
    • ‘Early in the 12th century the church was enlarged, and provided with a fashionable apsidal chancel.’
    • ‘Built of flint and rubble with dressings of Binstead stone, the aisleless apsidal church has only one entrance.’
    • ‘It is in the typical English perpendicular style, being square-ended, not the semi-circular apsidal ends as favoured on the continent.’
  • 2Astronomy
    Relating to an apsis.

    ‘An apsidal motion with a period of 80.7 years was confirmed and a third body in an eccentric orbit with a period of 85.4 years was found.’
    • ‘Thus, if at an apse the direction of velocity is reversed, it will trace a symmetrical orbit on the other side of the apsidal distance.’
    • ‘Apsidal motion is one of the classical diagnostics of stellar structure.’
    • ‘The angle through which the radius vector rotates in going between two consecutive apsides is called the apsidal angle.’



/ˈapsədl/ /ˈæpsədl/


Mid 19th century from Latin apsis (see apsis) + -al.