Definition of aqua fortis in English:

aqua fortis


archaic term for nitric acid
‘The old name of nitric acid is aqua fortis meaning ‘strong water.’’
  • ‘Old time gun makers stained their stocks with aqua fortis, a combination of nitric acid diluted with distilled water and iron filings.’
  • ‘Nitric acid at this phase is called aqua fortis and when it is concentrated, concentrated nitric.’
  • ‘He does not appear, however, to have known the true nature of aqua fortis, and called his process the ‘curing’ of India-rubber by the use of that acid.’
  • ‘Nitric acid, also known as aqua fortis, is a highly strong corrosive mineral acid.’


aqua fortis

/ˌäkwə ˈfôrtis/ /ˌɑkwə ˈfɔrtɪs/ /ˈakwə ˌfôrdəs/ /ˈækwə ˌfɔrdəs/


Late 15th century from Latin, literally ‘strong water’.