Definition of aquavit in English:



(also akvavit)
  • An alcoholic spirit made from potatoes or other starchy plants.

    ‘This book even shows the origins of aqua vitae, akvavit and usquebaugh, all very important substances today!’
    • ‘And to aid in digesting such a delicious and complex meal, Sweden's famous spiced vodka, aquavit, is always the perfect finish.’
    • ‘If your smoked salmon appetizer is a popular dinner order, try offering it with a small shot of chilled aquavit or vodka.’
    • ‘There were quite a few bottles gathering dust in the liquor cabinet - Benedictine, framboise, aquavit - and he decided he might as well try them all.’
    • ‘Coffee and aquavit, an alcoholic beverage, are the most commonly served beverages.’
    • ‘For Constitution Day, many families traditionally eat a meal of flat bread, thinly sliced dried meats, and milk porridge, with beer or aquavit as a beverage.’
    • ‘Lanza, who seems ready to leap into a fistfight over the issue, describes in tones of pure horror how he added fruit juice to his drink and ‘inadvertently used aquavit instead of gin on one occasion.’’
    • ‘Once noticed, they'll be celebrating in Goteborg, Sweden's ‘little Detroit,’ by quaffing aquavit, a high-octane Scandinavian drink that could double as rocket fuel.’
    • ‘The scrappy Scandinavians spend most of August celebrating their triumphant return with elaborate parties complete with funny hats, traditional songs, copious amounts of aquavit and, of course, cartloads of crayfish.’
    • ‘It's a full of dazzling photographs, and brilliantly simple recipes, such as spicy gravlaks with aquavit, salt cod with peas and mint, spice-crusted salmon, fennel-stewed lamb, and rhubarb and strawberry soup.’
    • ‘He assured me that his company is benefiting from it, but added, ‘We'll still be drinking aquavit in Gothenburg for a long time.’’
    • ‘Think teak tabletops covered in lingonberries, herring, salmon, aquavit, pancakes and those cute little gherkins.’
    • ‘Just make sure to include some aquavit for a post-dinner toast to the cooks, past and present, who keep tradition alive.’
    • ‘We've enjoyed aquavit and pickled herring at fine restaurants as well as hot dogs and beer at no fewer than six ballparks.’
    • ‘We knew that included singing, folk dancing, the joy of life, also aquavit and Gamle Dansk.’
    • ‘Want to forget about it - go down to the bar and have an akvavit!’



/ˈäkwəˌvēt/ /ˈak-/ /ˈɑkwəvit/


Late 19th century from Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish akvavit (see aqua vitae).