Definition of arachnid in English:


Pronunciation /əˈraknid/ /əˈræknɪd/

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  • An arthropod of the class Arachnida, such as a spider or scorpion.

    ‘Wolbachia bacteria infect many insects, arachnids (mites and spiders), crustaceans, and parasitic nematodes.’
    • ‘In the comic book world, too, spiders, which are of course really arachnids, are considered insects.’
    • ‘‘Apart from social spiders that build mutual webs, I can't think of any other examples’ of such a collective trap strategy among insects or arachnids, Jones added.’
    • ‘A group of 350 scientists, naturalists, and volunteers found 836 species from fish and arachnids to algae and snails.’
    • ‘The hairy arachnid's venom was found to include chemicals that target the same pain pathways as chili peppers, causing maximum distress to bite victims.’


  • Relating to or denoting arachnids.

    ‘Without the bone chilling, sustained freezing temperatures of years gone by the arachnid population thrives.’
    • ‘It is dark brown, with short hair bristling off eight legs that support its arachnid body.’
    • ‘All spiders are members of the arachnid order Araneae, which is divided into two suborders.’
    • ‘Other containers house giant cockroaches and itty-bitty arachnid hatchlings, a few months old and smaller than a pinky nail.’
    • ‘Both these species have a predilection for arachnid flesh but are otherwise quite different.’