Definition of arachnophobia in English:


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  • Extreme or irrational fear of spiders.

    ‘If you don't already have arachnophobia (that's an irrational fear of spiders), you might after seeing this sci-fi flick.’
    • ‘Would something like this also prove to be the cause of my arachnophobia and my fear of hypodermic needles?’
    • ‘I found it rather difficult to write the scene with the spider since I have arachnophobia.’
    • ‘The above of course is all thoroughly rational and gets nowhere near the point that arachnophobia is a disproportionately prevalent fear.’
    • ‘I've got arachnophobia, and whenever I see a spider and react, I don't feel ashamed.’
    • ‘Kirkwood, an amateur spider enthusiast, politely avoids commenting on my arachnophobia.’
    • ‘The costume was enough to send a person with arachnophobia into fits with its spiderweb and small spiders.’
    • ‘It's just something arachnophobia does to you, I'm scared just looking at the thing!’
    • ‘According to a survey released last week, the No 1 fear among 1,000 Brits surveyed - just edging out terrorism - is arachnophobia.’
    • ‘Another happy client was a woman with arachnophobia who was due to emigrate to Australia - home to more than 3,000 species of eight-legged horrors.’
    • ‘Can you tell I used to suffer from arachnophobia?’
    • ‘There are also informative sections about insects on money, arachnophobia and a gallery of insect-related art.’
    • ‘First off, a confession: For most of my life, I've suffered from a pronounced case of arachnophobia.’
    • ‘The dozen-or-so empty seats in the Media Centre could well have belonged to the hacks who suffer from arachnophobia.’
    • ‘A young mum today told how she got more than she bargained for when she sat down for a bowl of cereal - a bout of arachnophobia!’



/əˌraknəˈfōbēə/ /əˌræknəˈfoʊbiə/


1920s modern Latin, from Greek arakhnē ‘spider’+ -phobia.