Definition of aragonite in English:


Pronunciation /əˈraɡənīt/ /əˈræɡənaɪt/ /ˌerəɡəˈnīt/ /ˌɛrəɡəˈnaɪt/


  • A mineral consisting of calcium carbonate, typically occurring in white seashells and as colorless prisms in deposits in hot springs.

    ‘That coating has been tentatively identified as aragonite.’
    • ‘These two forms are called aragonite and calcite.’
    • ‘Microscopic crystals of aragonite located in the inner ears of zebrafish control balance and hearing.’
    • ‘Otoliths consist of calcium carbonate, mainly in the form of aragonite, and organic matter called otoline.’
    • ‘Coral's hard parts are composed of aragonite, a form of calcium carbonate.’


Early 19th century from the place name Aragon+ -ite.