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(also arbitrager)
  • A person who engages in arbitrage.

    ‘Institutional shareholders including arbitrageurs traditionally do not respond to offers up until close to the deadline.’
    • ‘This strategy tries to exploit the relative prices of the convertible bond and the stock: the arbitrageur of this strategy would think the bond is a little cheap and the stock is a little expensive.’
    • ‘The King of financial arbitrage capitalism is the financial arbitrageur.’
    • ‘This assumption overstates the impact of the bid-ask difference because arbitrageurs will likely face smaller bid-ask spreads, and some trades will occur within the range of the bid and ask prices.’
    • ‘The arbitrageur tries to capture the difference, or ‘spread,’ between the target's current price and its acquisition price.’
    • ‘The speculator is betting on changes in the price, while the arbitrageur is betting on changes in the spread (difference between two prices).’
    • ‘The arbitrageur will sell the over priced bond to the dealer at the bid price, and buy the under priced bond from the dealer at the ask price.’
    • ‘As the risk capital behind the arbitrageurs increased, the spreads declined and they had to reach into ever-smaller markets to generate the expected returns.’
    • ‘From my perspective, all participants failed to see the potentially extreme dynamics of a market dominated by traders and arbitrageurs with only limited participation from long term investors.’
    • ‘This result supports the hypothesis of Shleifer and Summers, according to which noise factors such as investor sentiment are not fully countered by arbitrageurs and so affect asset prices.’
    • ‘In effect they act as regulatory arbitrageurs, reaping the rewards of fast-moving financial markets without the burden of the regulatory controls that banks face.’
    • ‘I take his point that a volatile market is much easier for a speculator with reliable information to manipulate (technically, an arbitrageur exploiting the opportunity for riskless profits).’
    • ‘Subscription revenues assume the protection of intellectual property, which prohibits arbitrageurs from reprinting your newspaper and selling it at half-price because they don't have to pay your writers.’
    • ‘The arbitrageurs exploit such ‘discounts’ by buying up shares in the funds and then forcing trusts to buy back the shares at a higher price, making a quick and easy profit.’
    • ‘They are arbitrageurs, that require split-second communications.’
    • ‘By doing this, the arbitrageurs make a quick profit.’
    • ‘The differentials make it profitable for arbitrageurs to move in.’
    • ‘The arbitrageur does this, of course, to make a profit but the effect of arbitrage is to equalize prices or interest rates between markets, provided there is completely free movement of capital.’
    • ‘All parties are happy - if the stock increases our arbitrageur makes up to 1% on the trade and if it falls he makes no loss and no gain.’
    • ‘The fixed income arbitrageur aims to profit from price anomalies between related interest rate securities.’



/ˌärbəˌträˈZHər/ /ˌɑrbəˌtrɑˈʒər/


Late 19th century from French, from arbitrer ‘give judgement’, from Latin arbitrari (see arbitrate).