Definition of arboreality in English:


Pronunciation /ärˌbôrēˈalitē/


See arboreal

‘But both types of features were already present in larger non-avian theropods that neither climbed nor flew, and the claw and foot proportions of Archaeopteryx do not argue for arboreality any more than for grounddwelling.’
  • ‘There is no persuasive evidence indicating arboreality in dromaeosaurs, although that negative evidence does not preclude arboreality altogether.’
  • ‘We cannot rule out the possibility that a dromaeosaurid could climb a tree, but none of them show obvious modifications specifically for arboreality.’
  • ‘Nominated in 1955, and king of its kind ever since, this Humboldt County, California, tree stood majestic and alone atop a grassy knoll, a paragon of arboreality.’