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  • The cultivation of trees and shrubs.

    ‘In recent years, short skills courses in arboriculture / tree surgery have been provided and these are now very popular.’
    • ‘So it is likely that the green cover actually came when the Government introduced arboriculture or the plantation of trees for timber.’
    • ‘Tree surgery, a scientific process which is a part of arboriculture or urban forestry, looks at the science of developing and maintaining trees.’
    • ‘Mr Power went on to study arboriculture (the principles and practices of tree care) at Merrist Wood College.’
    • ‘The Mediterranean soils of terra rossa on a limestone bedrock are suited to extensive cereal culture and to dry arboriculture.’
    • ‘He started college with the intent of majoring in soil science, with minors in horticulture and arboriculture.’
    • ‘This Part applies to arboriculture activities that involve pruning, repairing, maintaining or removing trees or cutting brush if a worker works at height and depends on the tree for support.’
    • ‘If the removal of the trees were to cause more problems, the arboriculture company should be asked to advise you how to minimise any damage.’



/ˈärbərəˌkəlCHər/ /ˈɑrbərəˌkəltʃər/ /ärˈbôrəˌkəlCHər/ /ɑrˈbɔrəˌkəltʃər/


Early 19th century from Latin arbor ‘tree’+ culture, on the pattern of words such as agriculture.