Definition of arbutus in English:



  • Either of two evergreen plants of the family Ericaceae (heath family).

    a tree or shrub of the genus Arbutus, which includes the strawberry tree
    (in full 'trailing arbutus') a North American trailing plant that bears pink or white flowers (Epigaea repens). Also called

    ‘We ran to daycare together and pointed out all the arbutus trees along the way.’
    • ‘But it seemed so distant from where he sat now, with mosquitoes biting at his wrists and a wilted arbutus on the sill.’
    • ‘Also known as arbutus or madrona, these large, red-barked trees cling to the cliffs above Puget Sound like well-muscled rock climbers.’
    • ‘Deval's studio, a large, light room at the center of the house, looked out onto a walled garden, overhung with climbing roses and arbutus trees.’
    • ‘She locked the car and walked up the driveway, smiling at the rosebuds just beginning to bloom and the new green leaves on the two tall arbutus trees in front of the house.’



/ärˈbyo͞odəs/ /ɑrˈbjudəs/


From Latin.