Definition of arc furnace in English:

arc furnace

Pronunciation /ärk ˈfərnəs/ /ɑrk ˈfərnəs/


  • A furnace that uses an electric arc as a heat source, especially for steelmaking.

    ‘Silicon dioxide (silica, the compound that forms quartz, glass, and beach sand) is melted with charcoal in an arc furnace to reduce it to elemental silicon.’
    • ‘Most titanium investment cast parts are made with the vacuum arc remelting technique, which uses a vacuum arc furnace to melt a portion of a titanium electrode into a water - cooled copper crucible.’
    • ‘The highest values were detected in personal samples from the handling of molten metal by the arc furnace.’
    • ‘And I realised, when I looked at the arc furnace, that he went into a place like that day in, day out, for all those years.’
    • ‘In duplexing, the iron is melted in a cupola or arc furnace, and the molten metal is transferred to a coreless or channel-type induction furnace for holding and pouring.’
    • ‘Hulking hooks and giant cranes have been left untouched and lying dormant is an enormous arc furnace - an awesome man-made crucible of creation once capable of producing hundreds of tons of steel each day by melting scrap metal.’
    • ‘Some residents and environmentalists believe that the plant, which treated toxic arc furnace dust collected in the air pollution control system at steel plants, was the source of most of the dioxin.’
    • ‘Max's arc furnace can only fuse 5 gram buttons into irregular buttons of about 50 grams.’
    • ‘Steel manufactured in arc furnaces from scrap uses far less energy than traditional openhearth furnaces using pig iron.’
    • ‘Mini-mills are small, efficient producers that use arc furnaces to melt scrap and have significant advantages in terms of lower labour and capital construction costs.’
    • ‘One disadvantage here is that, steel production from scrap metal will have gaseous emissions and metal dust as prominent sources of waste from arc furnaces.’
    • ‘Mercury pours out of smokestacks and arc furnaces and, according to the National Center for Atmospheric Research, tons of it (stored in foliage and ground litter) goes up in smoke during wildfires.’
    • ‘It pointed out that while the tariff was being hiked for the small-scale sector, the arc furnaces were being given relief by reduction in the tariff.’
    • ‘The smelter complex will consist of two submerged arc furnaces with a power rating of 15 mega-watt each.’