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‘The Hollies, with arcaded brickwork arches at the front, has two reception rooms and a ‘dairy ‘or pantry that could be turned into a utility room.’’
  • ‘The modern farm has no place for the 19 th-century classic steading, built to a formula with arcaded cart sheds, threshing mill, barn, byres and cattle court around a U-shaped courtyard.’
  • ‘The most important room on view is the Harem, a compound of around 300 shining tiled chambers on several levels, connected by arcaded courts and fountain gardens.’
  • ‘Yet the ballroom's lofty wood-panelled ceiling and tall seaward windows, along with an adjoining dining hall and arcaded veranda, do evoke another more gracious age.’
  • ‘The arcaded splendour of the Piazza del Duomo seemed to effortlessly shrug off the scaffolding in place when we visited - testament to the awesome power of the place.’



/ärˈkādəd/ /ɑrˈkeɪdəd/