Definition of arcanely in English:



See arcane

‘She had picked up some tips from her father: watch the wool market because it indicates when a Depression is coming; or, more arcanely, keep an eye out for two sure signs that war is on the way: clothes become drab and women wear boots.’
  • ‘The legacy of those years is thousands of albums cluttering up our apartment, arcanely filed and catalogued.’
  • ‘Thus the big toe has been given some recognition, albeit arcanely, as a special digit.’
  • ‘I particularly liked Clark Richert's ‘World Game,’ a 1990 depiction of Denver rendered in Richert's maniacally precise idiom, a dreamy science fiction, full of arcanely beautiful images.’
  • ‘The audio capabilities of cell phones and audio engines vary widely, from the completely rudimentary to the arcanely sophisticated.’