Definition of archaistic in English:



See archaism

‘The foot is divided by four flanges and shows archaistic motifs vaguely suggestive of animal forms.’
  • ‘Most of the archaistic and literal words can be found in lyrics dealing with religion and history.’
  • ‘Created in Rome in 1912, it is one of Manship's earliest works in which he employs these archaistic elements.’
  • ‘Qing carving often included some part of an archaistic motif with the Qing style.’
  • ‘Due to the archaistic nature of the source material there remains some ambiguity.’



/ˌärkēˈistik/ /ˌɑrkiˈɪstɪk/ /ˌärkāˈistik/ /ˌɑrkeɪˈɪstɪk/