Definition of archducal in English:



See archduke

‘The shield has on the top the archducal hat of Austria.’
  • ‘Usually there is also a crown or so called ‘archducal hat’ over the arms of Styria.’
  • ‘On June 28, 1914, after days of rumors about possible assassination attempts, the archducal car was attacked by means of a bomb thrown from the large surrounding crowds.’
  • ‘This reading of the exhibition undoubtedly shows the internal coherence of the archducal art collection and its function in the Court in a surprising, almost interactive fashion.’
  • ‘The picture in the background shows the Austrian archducal coronet, which was made for Joseph II's entry into Frankfurt for his coronation as king in 1764.’



/ˌärCHˈd(y)o͞ok(ə)l/ /ˌɑrtʃˈd(j)uk(ə)l/